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Posted by:    |    Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Mara Perry Wins 2016 Rosenthall Inspiration Award


It is a great honor for the Munciana Volleyball Club to award the 2016 Rosenthall Inspiration Award to Mara Perry.


                This award was created by Dr. Mark Rosenthall for the purpose of “recognizing a single Individual in the Munciana Volleyball Club who has been an inspiration to peers, coaches, and family. The award recipient exhibits strong character as evidenced by her mental toughness, work ethic and exemplary attitude”.

                  When Mara Perry tried out for the Munciana Volleyball Club in December, 2014 she seemed like any of the other 400 girls trying out with her until you consider one small detail. Her family lived near Cleveland, Ohio. Mara was born in Muncie and her mom, Misty, once coached club with Wes Lyon. As such, the entire family were huge Munciana advocates so when Mara demonstrated both the ability and the heart to be successful in volleyball they made an amazing decision. Together, they decided that they would permit Mara to live with her grandparents in Muncie so that she could pursue her volleyball dreams under the direction of the very best volleyball club in America – Munciana.

                  What ensued is so inspirational that the decision to award the Rosenthall Inspiration Award to Mara was a no brainer this year.

                  This year Mara played on the Banana Slugs. Coach Jim Craig asked her to switch positions two weeks before nationals from setter to left side hitter. How did it turn out? Well, the Slugs finished 5th nationally and Mara was named to the All American team!

                  Coach Craig called Mara a “throwback,” He said that” after 35 years of coaching, Mara was an inspiration to me and made me want to be a better and more prepared coach. I am thrilled that she is receiving this honor.”

                  Mara commits countless hours to lessons and attends every Munciana camp she can. When a formal training option is not available she sets balls against her bedroom wall at home.

                  This fall Mara will be a freshman at Muncie Central High School where she will be able to play for the same Wes Lyon who coached with her mom a decade ago. Coach Lyon beams when he speaks of Mara, “She is a force of nature who epitomizes the character traits we were looking for when we initiated the Rosenthall Inspiration Award. Give me seven Mara Perrys in volleyball or any life endeavor and I’ll take on anybody.”

                  When Mara was asked how she felt about winning the Rosenthall Inspiration Award she was quick to thank her parents, grandparents and coaches.

                  When she was asked what motivated her to do so well in volleyball and school she said “because, if I don’t, my parents said they would send me back to Cleveland.” You’ve got to love it!