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Tournaments and Camps


Tournaments and Camps

Asics Munciana is proud to provide many top notch tournaments and camps throughout the year! Munciana believes our tournaments will provide the best competition experience possible to help our teams compete at the highest level possible.  There are several options for your desire experience below! Take a Look! Munciana has been all over the country doing camps for Junior High and High School for years!  We pride ourselves on providing you the most detailed and competitive camp out there!  If you would like to know more about how you can have Munciana come to your school take a look below!

 Contact Phil Leswing or Randy Gardner to schedule team camps, or enter the Summer Heat Tournament.  

Munciana Camps Munciana Tournaments

Looking for help with ball control, blocking, setting, or other skills? Then you might want to check out some of our skill camps. We provide camps designed around specific skill sets and team building skills. If you are interested in one of these opportunities, head over to our Skills Camp page for more information!

Munciana Skills Camp Registration:
Yorktown, IN
Pendleton, IN
Guntersville, AL

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High School or Middle School Coaches Interested in a 2017 Summer Munciana Camp

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Our teams travel and stay at our facility to compete with other great athletes. You can learn about when our tournaments are scheduled throughout the year, where they will be held, and what age groups are competing by visiting our Tournament Calendar page. Below is a list all of the Munciana Tournaments!

2017 Munciana Tournaments 

2017 Munciana Scrimmage Series

2017 JVA President's Day Challenge

2017 Asics Munciana Classic


Munciana Skills Camps

Our Munciana Skills Camps provide high level training for the various skills and skill levels in the sport of volleyball. Our skills camps focus on ball control, defense, setting, attacking, blocking, serving, or even all skills. We have camps for beginners through elite athletes. Our camps for young athletes includes our volleytots and minivb programs. Munciana has a foundation in teaching the basics of the skills needed to be successful in the sport of volleyball, but also incorporates a competitive training environment that engages the athlete in their development.


Asics Munciana offers many training and competition opportunities for your teams throughout the summer months.  We have an extensive satellite camp program where we come to your school and run a 2 or 3-day camp. Our camps are run in a way to maximize the repetitions and attention to detail to provide you with the best training experience possible! Munciana has helped jump start State Championship seasons, but we also help to get a new program under way! Our Satellite Camps are for Junior High or High School Teams! 

In-House Team Camps

We also host 2-day team camps at our facility which allows for quality competition against other varsity and junior varsity programs. You are going to details and a camp setting that is top notch! Every team will have a camp elite coach throughout the 2 days of camp. In-House camps are made up of 6 total sessions (3 sessions each of JV & Varsity).
Summer Heat Tournament

We cap off our summer team training with the Summer Heat Tournament on July 23rd. This Pre-Season Tournament is open to Junior Varsity & Varsity Teams. Summer Heat Tournament will take place in the area around the Munciana Facility.

 3, 2, 1 Package Deal 
The 3,2,1 Package Deal is your best option to save money by participating in all three options! Munciana will come to your high school for a Satellite Camp for 3 Days, your team will also get to come to a competitive In-House Team Camp and finish their summer with our Summer Heat Tournament! 

If you are a coach interested in a team camp please fill out this ONLINE FORM!

The following forms need to be filled out by all participants in tournaments and camps. 

Munciana Release Forms
Munciana Waiver forms