A Look Back at a Great 2017 AAU Nationals

Wes Lyon | Published: June 26, 2017

The 44th AAU Girls Junior National Volleyball Championships became a monumental event for Munciana Volleyball! All of our teams displayed undeniable work ethic, pursuit of excellence and showcased the high level training our athletes dedicate themselves to on a daily basis.

From the Open Level teams to our National Teams, the determination to succeed both as a team and in their respective divisions was incomparable.

Congratulations to our athletes, families and coaches! Thank you all for your commitment to excellence and dedication to succeed. 

 Finishes at the AAU National Championships – 9 Top 10 Finishes

1st Place National Championships - 18 Open Samurai, 16 Open Ninjas

3rd Place - 14 Open Chipmunks

5th Place - 15 Open Lorax, 16 Aspire Koalas, 15 Club Jellyfish, 12 Open Peppers

9th Place - 16 Premier Pandas, 15 Premier Gators

11th Place - 14 Premier Banana Slugs

19th Place  - 10 Open Mikes

All-Americans (11)

18 Open Samurai - Nia Robinson-MVP, Griere Hughes, Jonni Parker

16 Open Ninjas - Kylie Murr-MVP, Bonnie Bostic, Molly Hunt

16 National Koalas - Morgan Millay

15 Open Lorax - Mabrey Shaffmaster

15 National Jellyfish - Tynan Dishman

14 Open Chipmunks - Logan Smith, Ellen Stinson

Picture of Lorax at Nationals 2017
15 Open Lorax

Picture of Pandas Nationals 2017

16 National Pandas

Picture of Jellyfish at Nationals 2017
15 National Jellyfish
Picture of Peppers at Nationals 2017

12 Open Pepper

Picture of Banana Slugs Nationals 2017
14 National Banana Slugs
Picture of Gators Nationals 2017
15 National Gators

Picture of Open Mikes at Nationals 2017
10 Open Mikes