Central Zone Results Feb 3-4 Lycans Win 16 Premier

Published: February 7, 2018

Congratulations to the Munciana Lycans and coaches Jim Craig and Trey Butz. They placed 1st in the 16 Premier division at the Central Zone Invitational at the Indianapolis Convention Center.

Other notable finished included three teams finishing 3rd and five teams finishing 5th. See below for all results
AES Final Results

3rd Place Finishes

  • 11 Club-Scrappers
  • 13 Open-Kunoichis
  • 13 Premier-Stingrays

5th Place Finishes

  • 12 Club-Yukons
  • 14 Premier-Tortugas
  • 15 Premier-Gators
  • 16 Club Red-Wolfpack
  • 18 Club-Lions

9th Place-18 Club Narwhals

10th Place-12 Open Peppers'

20th Place-18 Club Crocodiles