Holiday Triples Classic

December 22 , 2018

This is an old school 'trips' tournament for current Munciana athletes and female coaches! Invite two friends to form a squad to compete in this 'classic' Holiday Event!

Max of (4) athletes per team!

Entry Fee: $10 per athlete due at check-in the day of the tournament.


12U: 9am - 12pm

14U: 9am - 12pm

16U: 12pm - 3pm

17 & Older: 3pm - 6pm

(based upon age group for 2019)

** Note: Current 9th-11th grade players. No more than 3 players from your high school team can be on your team. 12th graders do not count as one of the three.

Space is limited!

Register by filling out this form by December 21st, 2018.