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Published: January 11, 2019

Munciana Indy Physical Training (MPT)

MPT is for Munciana Indy athletes only. It is a weekly four day package of specific instruction, in forty-five minute large groups sessions.

MPT will be on courts 1 & 2 Monday - Thursday from January 7 - May 30th. Each session will be from 4:15pm - 5pm and each day will have a different skill focus. MPT is open to all Municana Indy athletes 10U - 18U.


Monday: Passing & Serving
Tuesday: Attacking
Wednesday: Setting
Thursday: Defense

*It is a $25 flat rate whether you attend one or all four sessions.

**It is not uncommon for athletes to attend all sessions even if it is not their position. We encourage athletes to attend all sessions to become a better all around player.

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