Munciana Indy Ball Control and Serving Fall Training 2021

August 29 - September 26, 2021

Our Ball Control Training is fundamental to our success as a club. The focus will be on mass repetitions to develop structured technique, feel for the ball, and movement skills.

Platform Training
Serve Receive
Passing and Digging

The Serving Training focuses on basic and advanced serving skills, as well as creating a serving mindset.

Serving Location

Float Serve & Jump Serve

Tactical Strategies

Grades: 5th-8th Grade Boys and Girls

Sundays: August 29th-September 12th, 5:00PM-6:30PM

Sundays: September 19th-September 26th, 10:30AM-12:00PM

Cost: $75



Janet Berg


Munciana Indy
9325 Uptown Dr.
Suite 1500
Indianapolis, IN 46256