Recruiting 101

The recruiting process is building a relationship with the college coaches and their program…communication is the key to success!

Where do I start?

1. Recruiting Profile – ‘sportsrecruits’

  • Upload profile pic
  • Complete volleyball/academic info
  • VIDEO – key component & mandatory
    • Ideally 3-5 minute highlight/2-3 minute unedited match film

2. Determine the level you can play at in college

  • Be honest with yourself
  • Talk to your coaches – ask them where they see you playing
  • Determine your long term goals academically
  • Don’t chase a Division or scholarship – focus on the right level of competition for your athletic abilities and chase the Opportunity

3. Send introductory emails

  • Introduce yourself
    • Include your interest in finding out their needs
    • Give them some info about what you are currently doing both academically and in regards to your current volleyball team/training and/or high school experience
    • Ask to talk to them
  • USE ‘sportsrecruits’ to send messages to college coaches and follow up daily as to who has viewed your profile and ALWAYS send a message back thanking them for viewing your profile and ask to talk with them!
  • ALWAYS ‘cc’ your club recruiting coordinator!

4. DO the research!

  • Research the undergraduate programs – does the school offer majors in line with your long term career goals and is your intended major conducive to also being a collegiate athlete?
  • Research the coaches’ bios – does the coaches’ experience and philosophy line up with your expectations?
  • Check out the current roster – great way to find out what type of athletes they recruit!
  • Research student life on campus – does the campus fit your criteria for a collegiate experience (size, culture, etc.)?


Your ‘dream’ school is the one that fulfills all of the above…

  • RIGHT academic offerings and fit
  • RIGHT geographic location for you and your family
  • RIGHT level of volleyball program that is in line with your athletic ability