Congratulations to Our 2017 Rosenthall Inspiration Award Recipient Avarie Powell

Published: July 7, 2017

Munciana is proud to announce Avarie Powell as our 2017 Rosenthall Inspiration Award recipient. This year Avarie played for the 18 Samurai. Below is the official press release.

2017 Rosenthall Inspiration Award Recipient Avarie Powell 

It is a great honor for the Munciana Volleyball Club to award the 2017 Rosenthall Inspiration Award to Avarie Powell.

This prestigious award was created by Dr. Mark Rosenthall for the purpose of “recognizing a single individual in the Munciana Volleyball Club who has been an inspiration to peers, coaches and family. The award recipient exhibits strong character as evidenced by her mental toughness, work ethic and exemplary attitude”.

Avarie’s story is truly an inspiring narrative in perseverance, hard work and diligence. She suffered an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear to her knee in the sectional last fall playing for the New Castle Trojans and underwent reconstructive knee surgery on Thanksgiving weekend. Amazingly, she was back in the gym training with her Samurai teammates in December! During her rehabilitation she did all she could to encourage her teammates to get better. In the beginning, all she could do was offer verbal support. After six weeks she began to help the coaches run drills.

Eventually, Avarie was cleared to participate in practice on a limited basis. She followed her doctor’s instructions to the t and challenged herself to do everything possible to recover from her injury as quickly as possible. In fact, Avarie’s example inspired her teammates to work even harder than they might otherwise would have.

Coach Lingenfelter had this to say about Avarie, “She is a poster child for what we (Samuari) stand for both on and off the court. A courageous young lady who was every bit as responsible for our national championship as those able bodied kids who left it on the court.”

At this point, you might be anticipating that Avarie rehabbed herself all the way back into the starting line up and hit the game winning kill to win the National Championship.

What actually happened might have been even more astounding. You see, after Avarie had worked her way all the way back from the ACL tear she suffered in November, she tore her meniscus ligament in June. This heart breaking setback prevented her from playing in the nationals in Orlando. But after all of this, who do you think was cheering the loudest for her Samurai teammates as they reached the volleyball mountaintop and won the 18 Open National Championship. Of course, it was none other than Avarie Powell.

Avarie’s mom, Libbey, reflected on the season and Avarie’s travails,”Munciana is not only where Avarie found her passion for volleyball, but also where she met her very best friends. The lessons that she has learned through her hardships this year like teamwork, perseverance and self- discipline will serve her well the rest of her life”.

Avarie is still on a high from the national championship that she won as a member of the Samurai. She felt that her two years with the Samuari and her six years At Munciana were a special experience that she will always treasure. She felt that the tremendous training she received at Munciana will give her a big head start at Miami (Ohio) University where she will attend college this fall and pursue a business degree.

We are proud that Avarie chose to participate in the Munciana Volleyball Club since the age of 12. Moreover, we are confident that someone with her heart and tenacity will make her mark in whatever she chooses to do in life. We will never forget you, Avarie!