Munciana Scrimmage Series

The Munciana Scrimmage Series is a great low cost set of tournaments that also let you stay close to home. It allows your players to get tournament experience in a low key setting. To keep the costs down, coaches are the up referee. The tournaments in January through April are all single day events. Age groups vary for each tournament, so check the schedule. The final tournament is the two day Scrimmage Series Championship, which is open to all teams in the 10s thru 16s age groups. All tournaments are held at the Munciana facility.

01/06/19, Scrimmage Series #1, 10s-18s, Entry $65

02/09/19, Scrimmage Series #2, 10s-13s, Entry $65

02/10/19, Scrimmage Series #3, 14s-16s, Entry $65

03/02/19, Scrimmage Series #4, 10s-13s, Entry $65

03/03/19, Scrimmage Series #5, 10s-16s, Entry $65

4/13-14/19: Scrimmage Series Championships         
10s-16s, Entry $80

Scrimmage Series Registration Open

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